About Diane E. Bell

Buying or selling a company can be a messy process. Diane Bell helps her clients get the best deal they can while making sure their broader business goals are met. With years of experience, Diane works to turn each transaction into a springboard for her clients' future business goals.

Closing the deal is just the beginning

Diane approaches each deal like it's the first order of business, not the finish line. Each deal brings its own unique issues, which Diane aims to resolve so her clients get what they need without putting their future goals at risk. By not alienating colleagues on the other side of the bargaining table, Diane's clients maintain strong business relationships that can position them for long-term success.

Diane works with clients in a number of industries, including consumer products, media and technology, service industries, and manufacturing and distribution. She helps first-time business owners spot problems in a deal before they become a crisis, and she helps seasoned buyers and sellers navigate their most complex commercial transactions.

Diane champions diversity initiatives throughout the legal industry and throughout Chicago. She was one of the founders of Katten's LGBT Coalition.

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Practice Focus

  • Private equity
  • Acquisitions and dispositions
  • Growth equity investments
  • Management representations
  • Implementing and completing exit strategies

Presentations and Events