Investment companies are primarily regulated by the US Investment Company Act ('40 Act). The '40 Act's complex, highly technical provisions can be challenging for both innovative startups and long-established industry participants. At Katten, our goal is to interpret the continuously evolving '40 Act to give clients practical answers regarding day-to-day business and regulatory matters.

Multidisciplinary counsel across the industry

Our clients include participants in all aspects of the fund industry, including fund families, fund managers, directors and broker-dealers, as well as variable life insurance and annuity products and their providers, and innovative investment companies. We bring together attorneys from across the firm to provide a diverse perspective and a full range of services.

Risk assessment based on experience

We excel at asking the right people the right questions to help clients navigate complex regulatory and related matters. Our team includes attorneys with years of experience inside the Securities and Exchange Commission. Our experience and relationships there allow us to have an informal dialogue and assess regulators' thinking and priorities. This is particularly valuable for clients who are proposing innovative business structures.

In addition, many of our attorneys have served as in-house counsel to investment companies. Because we have seen business and back-office operational issues from both sides of the table, we can anticipate issues and determine the feasibility of potential solutions.

An eye on regulatory compliance and enforcement

Clients frequently look to Katten's '40 Act team for regulatory matters and enforcement advice and counsel. As active participants in this area of the law, we keep an eye on '40 Act-based regulatory actions, priorities and enforcement cases, and monitor them as they go forward. Our insight and ongoing communication efforts help our clients stay ahead of, and often sidestep, potential problems.