Vincent Sergi, Katten’s national managing partner, is featured in Chicago Lawyer’s June 2012 cover story on managing law firms in the current economic climate. In the article, leaders from eight of the largest law firms in Illinois share their strategies for leading a successful law firm. When asked about planning for strategic growth, Mr. Sergi explained that success in new areas is often the result of a groundswell of attorney interest and expertise rather than a directive from the managing partner. "You want to have partners that have a passion for the practice within their area of specialization. I don't think you can just jump into an area and say now we're experts at it." Being poised to seize opportunity also helps; for example, while Katten grew new business with existing clients due to the Dodd-Frank Act, "If you don't have a financial services practice you can't just build one because you're ahead of the curve on researching Dodd-Frank, because you don't have the clients and other personnel to make it relevant." ("Lawyers Weather Economic Storm to Lead Their Firms," June 1, 2012)