Partner Russell Greenblatt will speak on “Using VEBA Trusts for the Purpose of Providing Retiree Healthcare Benefits.”

Topics of the conference include:

  • How policy changes and healthcare reform under the Obama Administration will impact benefit design
  • Integrating wellness and disease management programs for both active and retired members
  • Managing the gap between early retirement and Medicare age
  • Achieving cost savings through more strategic medical and Rx benefit designs
  • New options for prescription drug coverage
  • Maintaining affordable specialty drug pricing
  • How to contract directly with CMS for Rx benefits
  • Integrating wellness & disease management programs
  • Attaching wellness incentives to HRAs
  • Ensuring members have access to quality care
  • Negotiating affordable dental & vision benefits
  • What you can bring to the bargaining table to maintain access
  • How to communicate change to retirees
  • Medicare reporting requirements for secondary payers
  • A “How to” program for recently elected trustees