Michael Callahan, a partner in the firm's Health Care Practice, was quoted in an American Medical News article about the separation between hospital employment contracts and professional medical staff membership rights and privileges. The article discusses how the differences between the two affect employment and cause conflict in several areas, including due process procedure standards prior to a physician's exit from hospital employment. Mr. Callahan says that while hospitals do share an interest in fairness, they must balance patient care and liability concerns. "Hospitals are not looking to get rid of anybody. They make a big investment [in employed physicians], and if you are trying to attract people, you just don't fire them at drop of hat." However, he adds, "At the same time, hospitals don't want to have to go through an elaborate hearing process that can take months before you can enforce your ability to get them out." ("Hospital Employment Pits Work Rules Against Physician Rights," January 23, 2012).