Samson Helfgott, a partner in the firm’s Intellectual Property Practice, was quoted in an article in Intellectual Property Watch on the Bilski v. Doll decision, an appellate court ruling which could shift U.S. patent law if upheld by the Supreme Court. “This is a critical point for the future of the U.S. patent system,” Mr. Helfgott says. “The Supreme Court will either reject the [Federal Circuit] decision or it... will create a severe restriction on the patent system. The patent system won’t be able to protect a lot of innovations, and people will try to find other means to protect their innovations.” Mr. Helfgott adds that the world is anxiously awaiting the Supreme Court’s ruling. “It would definitely discourage other countries’ efforts to expand the scope of patent-eligible subject matter,” he says. (“U.S. Supreme Court Review of Bilski Could Reverberate Through Patent System,” July 31, 2009)