About Scott A. Elliott

At their most dire moments — major accidents, fatalities, safety incidents — clients turn to Scott Elliott to help them weather the storm. These events can disrupt operations, derail long-term plans and even bring down the biggest companies. But with deep regulatory knowledge and experience, Scott helps his clients resolve their worst crises so they can get back to business.

Getting back to business after the crisis

Scott represents energy companies, chemical manufacturers and automakers across the United States and helps them navigate environmental, health and safety regulations. In particular, he helps clients respond to major accidents, fatalities and process safety incidents. This often includes responding to investigations and enforcement actions and overseeing evidence collection, internal investigations and communications strategy.

In enforcement, Scott's focus is on finding solutions that reduce or avoid obstacles to his clients' ability to do business. Because he understands how his clients' operations work and he knows the regulatory landscape, Scott can help them find practical solutions to meet these goals. Scott also works with his clients to mitigate the financial impact of any penalties, the effect of the accident on his clients' reputation and the impact of any required abatement and corrective actions mandated by regulators.

He also advises companies on EHS culture and emerging regulatory requirements and systems for overseeing EHS performance.

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Practice Focus

  • Industrial accidents, crisis response, process safety incidents and workplace fatalities
  • Investigations by OSHA, EPA, CSB, DOJ, BSEE and state regulatory agencies
  • Enforcement actions
  • Evidence collection, internal investigations and communications strategy
  • Compliance programs and EHS culture and process safety

Representative Experience

  • Represent Fortune 50 chemical manufacturer in EPA multimedia inspection.
  • Represent Fortune 50 chemical manufacturer in investigations by the CSB, OSHA, the EPA and other agencies into a four-fatality accident resulting from the release of toxic chemicals, including subsequent enforcement.
  • Advise energy companies on EPA and OSHA proposed rulemaking regarding RMP and PSM regulations.
  • Represent Fortune 50 integrated energy company in appealing multiple BSEE Incidents of Noncompliance.
  • Represent Fortune 50 integrated energy company in investigations and subsequent enforcement by Cal/OSHA.
  • Represent Fortune 50 integrated energy company following a refinery fire, including before the CSB, the EPA and state agencies.
  • Represent Fortune 50 integrated energy company regarding fatal furnace explosion. Also advise in resulting investigations by OSHA, the CSB and the EPA, including subsequent enforcement.
  • Represent midstream energy company in OSHA investigation that resulted in subsequent enforcement.
  • Represent petroleum refiners and chemical manufacturers in EPA Risk Management Program inspections.
  • Represent multinational automotive manufacturer in enterprise-wide compliance assurance and safety review.
  • Represent chemical manufacturer in fire that injured two employees and resulted in investigations by OSHA and the CSB.
  • Represent energy companies in environmental criminal investigations.

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