Partners James Calder and Martin Cornish will speak on "What You Need to Know About US Antitrust Laws—A Short Overview for UK-Based Investors, Hedge Funds and Financial Services Companies" at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, September 14.

Topics that will be discussed include:

  • Application of US Antitrust Laws to Non-US Persons
    – When lunch in London triggers lawsuits in the US
  • Threats and Opportunities Presented to Offshore Investments by US Antitrust Law
    – The Threats: Investee companies subject to antitrust investigations or lawsuit (potential time bombs that the market may or may not price correctly). Investee companies with undisclosed antitrust exposure.
    – The Opportunities: Investee companies who stand to collect massive antitrust damage claims. Investee who may enter new businesses, or expand existing lines of business, inexpensively by purchasing assets that must be divested pursuant to antitrust consent decrees.
  • Premerger Notification in the US under Hart-Scott-Rodino
    – Application of HSR.
    – Application of HSR to the exercise of warrants, options, and conversion of preferred shares.
    – Application of HSR to distress investors.
    – Specific HSR rules for PE funds.
  • Comparison with EU Competition Laws

Oriental Room
London Capital Club