Samson Helfgott, of counsel in the Intellectual Property practice, will join a panel of leading experts from the United States, Europe and China to present this two-day seminar on the entire Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) process. Topics to be addressed include:

  • Selecting a receiving office
  • Choosing an international searching authority
  • Whether or not to file a demand for preliminary examination
  • Making best use of the expanding patent prosecution highway
  • Avoiding and fixing the most common blunders made during filing of PCT applications
  • Picking countries into which to enter the national phase
  • Restoring priority and incorporation by reference
  • Best practices when entering national phase in Europe and China
  • Taking advantage of ePCT and Patentscope
  • Implications of the America Invents Act and the Patent Law Treaty on PCT Practice

William Mitchell College of Law
875 Summit Avenue
Saint Paul, MN