About Alisa Goodwin

Alisa Goodwin is Katten's Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and leads the design, development, and execution of the firm's diversity, equity, inclusion, and cultural competency strategies. This includes recruitment, education and training, retention, engagement, and advancement of attorneys and business professionals. She supervises the Diversity and Inclusion team and ensures alignment of the Diversity and Inclusion strategy with the firm’s strategic plan.

Designing, implementing, and directing diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy and initiatives.

In addition to her diversity expertise, Alisa has experience practicing as an attorney and social worker. Prior to joining Katten, she served as a global diversity manager and business management director at two global law firms. In her capacity as a social worker, she led a Ryan White HIV/AIDS grant program. In addition, Alisa practiced as an attorney at one of the largest global The American Lawyer (AmLaw) 50 firms. She is a thought leader regarding current trends and better practices in law firm diversity, equity, and inclusion.

* Not a practicing attorney