Catherine Yoon, Financial Services special counsel, was profiled in Law360 on her joining Katten. On joining Katten, Catherine said she is looking forward to tackling complex matters and advising clients on how best to address issues raised by the use or integration of blockchain and other emerging technologies. Special counsel Gary DeWaal noted the tremendous benefit for clients, stating, "I think what differentiates [Katten] in this business is that both Cathy and I have a deep understanding of the actual technology. And we both have a deep understanding of the applications that are being used and how they are being used, and that helps us guide and advise clients on the law and allows us to work with the regulators in helping to apply the law." New York Financial Services co-chair Wendy Cohen echoed that sentiment, adding, "Cathy is well-known in the blockchain industry. She is a wealth of practical experience and is extremely knowledgeable on the subject." ("Katten Muchin Hires Special Counsel With Blockchain Focus," May 6, 2019)