Cathy Yoon, Financial Markets and Funds special counsel in the New York office, was profiled in The Glass Hammer, sharing career advice and how having an open mind can lead to opportunity. Cathy stated, "When I mentor college and law students as they start their careers, they always ask how I ended up where I am today, and I tell them it’s ok if you have no idea what you want to do because you’ll figure it out."

The article notes her journey from history major, to law student to global financial services institution to a blockchain advisory start-up. "Until now I had gone the safe route, with a large law firm and financial institutions, and then I jumped headfirst into start-up life." Cathy added that during that time at a start-up, she learned firsthand about intersection of business and law through her role as general counsel, where she pitched in on consulting, business development, strategy and marketing. Since joining Katten, she noted how exciting it is to work with clients on the cutting edge of technology and uncharted territory in terms of regulations. "It's a journey we are on together and it’s gratifying when my clients can articulate the value I bring. They say things like, 'You really get it. You’re going beyond giving legal advice and thinking about the strategy. We enjoy working with you because you don't just tell us no, but instead you help us understand the risks using the lens of our specific business model.'"

Cathy urged young professionals to seek out opportunities to network, even if it's just virtual right now, stating, "It's never too early to start." She enjoys working with teen women through her advisory council role for the GlamourGals Foundation, a group that works with teen to address elder isolation while providing leadership and networking opportunities. Cathy is also a strong advocate for diverse representation on boards, at conferences and in open positions. Noting that it is critical in the male-dominated emerging tech space, she looks for opportunities to be a mentor. "While I've always had terrific mentors and sponsors, I had always hoped there would be more opportunities to meet people from diverse backgrounds. I appreciate I can be that person for others." ("Voice of Experience: Cathy Yoon, Special Counsel, Financial Markets and Funds, Katten," October 19, 2020