About Craig E. Courter

Craig Courter is Katten's chief operating officer. Craig is responsible for all aspects impacting the firm's operations and strategic growth objectives.

Innovating and introducing new technology for the practice of law

Craig oversees all financial, technology, talent management, knowledge management, marketing and business development, practice management, professional responsibility and data analytics operations. Using his extensive industry knowledge, he incorporates technology into legal operations in order to improve efficiency while maintaining and advancing the firm's client services and legal talent.

Craig has 47 years of computer programming experience and a significant background in databases and data architecture. He has taught college-level computer programming and a law school course on computers and the law. In 2016, he was named among the Legal Week's "Top 20 Legal Innovators" and has been consistently recognized by team members for championing diversity and mentoring and developing people for future success.

Craig also has more than 30 years of broad-ranging experience in the legal industry. Prior to joining Katten, he served as the global COO at Baker McKenzie, having served previously as the chief technology officer. He was the COO at Perkins Coie. He began his career in the legal field as a practicing lawyer, including as a partner at Seltzer Caplan McMahon Vitek, in San Diego. He practiced complex civil litigation with an emphasis in high technology and intellectual property.

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* Not a practicing attorney