Bloomberg Law interviewed Dallas Health Care partner Cheryl Camin Murray about the challenges of working from home with her triplets, and how she has helped address the changing needs of her health care clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cheryl explained that her health care clients have shifted their focus from daily transactions and legal compliance matters to restructuring their workforces, becoming educated on financial relief legislation and learning how to survive during the uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

"Because I represent healthcare providers, I have seen an increased focus specifically on enhancing telehealth, providing care remotely, achieving cost savings, and keeping employees safe when they return to work," Cheryl said.

On working from home, Cheryl discussed her daily routine, which includes exercise, managing her children's schedule, and participating in calls and virtual meetings with health care clients to assist with regulatory, contractual and transactional matters. One of the most challenging parts about remote work for Cheryl is the lack of personal interaction. However, she praised Katten for maintaining good communication with attorneys and staff throughout the pandemic by hosting virtual firmwide meetings addressing COVID-19's impact on the firm and regular check-ins with practice leaders. 

Cheryl also praised Katten for its regular communication during the pandemic providing mindfulness techniques to help employees mitigate stress, holding virtual meetings to engage the firm in conversations surrounding current events on racial injustice and inequality, and providing resources for parents on how to best manage childcare and homeschooling responsibilities.

Cheryl shared her main piece of advice working from home: keeping a calendar to more effectively manage her work and family responsibilities.

"Building in time to work on certain tasks helps you progress toward accomplishing them without having to burn the midnight oil," Cheryl said.

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