Claudia Callaway member of the Privacy, Data and Cybersecurity and Hospitality practices, commented on the importance of privacy policy and security for hotel operators in the Cook County Record in light of the Erin Andrews case. Claudia stated, "The best thing the hotel companies can do is ensure that employees understand the policies, have been trained on the policies, so that [the policies] become company procedure." She indicated that all business units under the hotel's roof need to be diligent, stating, "The case spotlights the risk, not just to the hotel component, but also to the restaurants, hotel spas, hotel gift shops, any place where data can be obtained. Whether from a credit card skimmer or from a menacing person who's looking to get specific information." Training and "table-top" exercises are an important part of preparedness. "Like a mock trial, you come in with all hands and you go through a data breach exercise . . . to get an understanding of the real-time legal requirements that go into a data breach." ("Andrews Award Highlights Need for Hotel Privacy Policies, Training," April 11, 2016)