Claudia Callaway, member of the Privacy, Data and Cybersecurity practice, was quoted in a Law360 article on the importance of evaluating communications as part of a data breach simulation. Claudia stated, "[After the exercise,] a lot of the assessment will involve human interaction. How seriously did people take this? Where did communication break down? Where did misunderstandings arise?"

She also noted that the assessment can help identify if the team has the right mix of people. "It's when you stoke the fires or when there's a history between people [that communications can break down]," Claudia said. "Sometimes, you have to determine: Is this the right person to be in this role? Is this person responsive and good in a crisis, even a manufactured crisis? A tabletop exercise is designed to look at system quality and to facilitate the best in human communication."

Claudia indicated that having the team meet in a non-crisis scenario can help strengthen communication. "A lot of times when we do the exercise, this is the first time the team has physically met in the same place ever. Particularly when an incident response team is broad-based, it can be the first time that the organization gets its arms around the scope of the enterprise risk that cybersecurity is and the management that's required," she said. ("How To Run A Data Breach Fire Drill," January 13, 2016)