About Claudine A. Chen-Young

Claudine Chen-Young helps banks, private equity firms and other similar institutions buy and sell mortgage assets and structure the financing of those financial assets. In particular, her extensive experience with buying and selling all types of residential mortgage loans, including growth mortgage products, allows her to negotiate tough transactions efficiently and effectively.

A forceful business partner

Claudine is the sort of attorney who works just as closely with business people as she does with in-house counsel. She is often called on to assist traders on the trading desk in real time as they price assets, consider purchasing assets or deal with investor demands, and as a result is at ease with juggling time-sensitive demands and being highly responsive. Claudine is a strong and effective negotiator, always keeping a clear focus on what is best for her clients.

Claudine often helps clients create innovative deal structures and establish new programs for financing assets through securitization and otherwise. She has counseled first-time issuers in setting up securitization programs. She has also helped companies create acquisition programs for the purchase and sale of several types of mortgage loans, including through correspondent lenders, and establish servicing and other related arrangements.

From the beginning of a deal, Claudine works with the business and legal teams on deal strategy and how to best design the transaction. She knows how to set up deals so that they go smoothly, close on time and work well from both a process and pricing perspective. Claudine is an experienced, efficient and effective transactional lawyer who handles the full range of mortgage finance needs.

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Practice Focus

  • Securitization of a range of residential mortgage loans and mortgage-related assets
  • Development of acquisition programs for financial institutions looking to buy and sell pools of mortgage loans
  • Work in partnership with clients' business teams toward smooth and successful deal execution
  • Thoughtful and creative financing structures that help clients achieve business objectives

Presentations and Events

  • SFIG Residential Mortgage Finance Symposium 2019
    Panelist | Single Family Rental/Fix-and-Flip
    November 4-5, 2019
  • Participant | Financing Single-Family Investor Properties—Fix and Flip, Rental, and Others
    February 24–27, 2019
  • SFIG Residential Mortgage Finance Symposium 2018
    Panelist | Track A: An Update on the PLS Market
    October 29 – October 30, 2018
  • SFIG Vegas 2018
    Moderator | Diversity in Finance Roundtable
    February 25–28, 2018
  • Moderator | RPLs and NPLs: Supply, Role of Securitizations and Investment Opportunities
    February 25–28, 2018
  • Residential Mortgage Finance Symposium 2017
    Moderator | An Update on Non-Performing and Re-Performing Loan Securitizations
    November 7–8, 2017
  • Panelist | Re-Performing Loans and Non-Performing Loans – The Changing Regulatory Landscape – Federal and State Level Oversight
    November 7–8, 2017
  • Panelist | Mortgage Servicing Rights: State of the Industry
    September 17–19, 2017
  • 4th Annual SFIG RMBS Symposium
    Moderator | Enforcement Part 1: Materiality & Sunset
    December 8, 2016
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