Insolvency and Restructuring partner Craig Barbarosh is quoted in this San Bernardino County Sun article on the city's bankruptcy exit plan. He notes that the large disparity in the plan's proposed treatment of creditors is likely to be challenged, and he sees as a challenge the city's plan to pay 100 percent of its debt to the retiree claimants and only one percent to the bondholders. "The gap, the gulf, between the two types of claims is so massive that it's going to take some time to work its way through," he states. Craig also notes that all sides will likely try to avoid a "cramdown," when the judge forces confirmation of a plan despite objections from certain creditors. "If you impair funded claims by this amount," he says, "it could have a chilling effect, not just for San Bernardino, but for other financially challenged municipalities." ("San Bernardino Bankruptcy Plan Gets Group's Support," May 16, 2015)