Doron Goldstein, co-head of Katten's Privacy, Data and Cybersecurity practice, was quoted in Law360 on how corporate leadership is taking a greater interest in cybersecurity initiatives. Doron stated, "Both the opportunity and the challenge of where we are now is that security is becoming part of the corporate culture for a lot of companies. Then, the question is how you implement that day-to-day activity, and that's partially legal's role and partially legal supporting the business in doing that." He also noted that budgeting can be an issue between operations and information security, particularly due to the ever-evolving risk from hackers. However, Doron said that it's important to stay vigilant, stating, "One of the things about information security is that you can't sit back. It's a constant process. If you sit back for a few months and don't do anything, you'll no longer be at the cutting edge where you thought you were." ("How GCs Can Get CEOs To Fund Cybersecurity," January 28, 2016)