Doron Goldstein, co-head of Katten's Privacy, Data and Cybersecurity practice, was interviewed by Startup Radio for an episode about augmented reality and the new legal issues presented by Pokémon Go. Doron said that issues arise because in such games the software algorithmically places virtual objects in real-life locations. "The question then becomes, 'Who is responsible when the objects are placed in an inappropriate location— the middle of the street, for example?'" he said, explaining that the software might not be able to know if it's in an inappropriate location. "So is the user then responsible for knowing when to not walk into the street or is there some liability on the part of the game maker?" he asked, adding that "One of the challenges as a lawyer is that we can't come up with all of the possible scenarios that people might do. Those of us practicing in this area have to stay familiar with other games and other activities so we can at least try to analogize to what our clients come to us with." ("Gaming Chords: Augmented Reality Live at ITechLaw," November 11, 2016)