Safety compliance is not solved via a single policy, procedure or practice. It requires constant vigilance and internal improvement. The Katten Safety Advisory Group (KSAG), a coalition of in-house safety attorneys and other professionals from high-risk industries, formalizes the learning process and addresses issues of risk management, regulation and compliance. We have learned from experience that the contributions of multiple companies and professionals are more instructive than those of any one company, especially when government challenges are evolving.

Sharing best practices

Designed to engage stakeholders in the industries must vulnerable to major accidents — energy (downstream refining, midstream pipelines and upstream exploration), chemical manufacturing and other process industries — KSAG provides a forum to discuss and evaluate emerging regulatory issues and benchmark safety efforts and to keep current with best practices. At quarterly half-day meetings, our attorneys are joined by featured speakers — often government officials and technical experts — to discuss practical advice on issues of concern. By sharing information across industries, KSAG helps engaged stakeholders proactively address important legal and technical aspects of safety performance and compliance.