Gary DeWaal, special counsel in the Financial Services group, was quoted in a Law360 article examining what are the most unexpected outcomes of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act now five years after promulgation. "We've seen a lot of regulation by buzzwords as opposed to thinking things through holistically," Gary said with regard to how Dodd-Frank appears to have exacerbated what already was commonly perceived as a lack of coordination between various regulatory bodies. "As a result, you have some regulators promoting some things and other regulators not giving it credit, and the industry has been caught in between." Some of the other surprises, according to Law360, are that regulators are still writing rules to be enacted into law; numerous lesser-known regulators have risen to prominence; the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau passed a host of major new regulations; small banks and futures commission merchants have suffered; and there has been a concentration of risk within swaps clearinghouses. ("The 6 Biggest Dodd-Frank Surprises," July 20, 2015)