Securities Litigation and Enforcement partner Jason Vigna was profiled in Law360, noting the substantial trial and appellate experience he brings in complex securities, commercial and corporate governance matters. Litigation and Dispute Resolution co-chair Gil Soffer commented on how clients will benefit from Jason's legal acumen, stating, "Jason is an exceptional lawyer who has the ability to successfully tackle large, multifaceted securities litigation issues." Katten Chairman Roger Furey also noted, "Jason's track record for resolving high-profile disputes under the securities laws, RICO and other statutes will be a great addition to our nationally recognized team."

Jason expressed his eagerness to contribute, stating, "We have a really great team here and I've done a lot of these cases and I know how to do them, I think, as well as anybody in my generation. I'm really looking forward to picking up that challenge and meeting it and really helping this group grow in both size and stature." ("Katten Muchin Adds Securities Partner From Skadden," June 17, 2016)