Katten contributed to a white paper titled, "Adjacent Spaces: Investing Beyond the Hotel Room," which was commissioned by Hospitality Insights, a news outlet that examines trends, finance, business, design and people in the hospitality industry, on the evolution of "adjacent spaces," or residential accommodation that fills the gap between full-service hotels and basic unbranded residential property, in the real estate landscape over the last decade. Katten also authored the white paper's preface.

The white paper discusses how technology has led to advancements in higher quality branded accommodations, including in "adjacent spaces" such as student housing, senior living, serviced apartments, co-working and co-living spaces, and hostels, and how these new concepts of accommodation have become more popular among buyers and renters looking for places to relax, work, study or retire in the short- and long-term. The white paper outlines this complex real estate landscape, which Katten attorneys are prepared to help clients better understand for purposes of future investment.

Adjacent Spaces: Investing Beyond the Hotel Room.