Litigation and Dispute Resolution associates Tami Kameda Sims and Nicholas Gross spoke to a reporter from The Daily Journal about their pro bono work on behalf of an elderly woman suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Tami commented, "Helping someone in such a vulnerable state was really something I wanted to get involved in. Because Mrs. Harrison was not able to speak for herself, we had to piece together what had happened."

The matter involved financial elder abuse and related causes, and required more than 1,000 combined hours. Nicholas told the reporter, "We had a particularly active opposing counsel. We basically had to continue to prepare and fight through three to four months of trial continuances."

The article also quoted Litigation and Dispute Resolution partner Steve Cochran, "The case was about the mistreatment of the mother, Mrs. Harrison, but what the defendants asserted at trial was that they were serving the victim because her daughters had failed to do so. So at trial we ended up not only serving and protecting Mrs. Harrison but also the daughters who had been blamed for abandoning their mother."

Tami and Nicholas recovered more than $150,000 in compensatory and punitive damages, plus interest, for the Compton, California widow. ("Elderly Widow to Recover $150,000 Thanks to Katten Lawyers," December 30, 2014)