Partner Craig Barbarosh will serve as a panelist for KPMG's Spring 2014 Audit Committee Roundtable Series – Rethinking Shareholder Engagement in the Age of Activism at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, June 3. The roundtable will discuss how the rise of investor activism—with different types of investors advocating for changes or improvements to a company’s balance sheet, operations, strategy, social and environmental values, corporate governance and more—is causing boards to rethink their approaches to shareholder engagement. The panel will propose the following questions for audit committee members, board directors and the business executives who interact with them:

  • Does the board understand its investor base, their perspectives and time horizons?
  • Is the board "thinking like an activist" to identify the company's potential vulnerabilities?
  • Do investors have information and insights that could strengthen the company's competitiveness and long-term performance?
  • With which investors should the board engage—and are there clear protocols for when and how to communicate?

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