Real Estate partner Matthew Needham-Laing was profiled in Law360 on how he has joined Katten during a period of significant growth for construction in the United Kingdom. Matthew stated, "There's a lot of money coming into London. It's regarded as a relatively safe place to have your money. Hence, they put it into buildings and real estate." With English contract law being used as the standard for cross-border construction and engineering contracts, coupled with his prior experience as an architect, Matthew has keen insight into the unique issues of the industry. In resolving disputes about how projects have been built, he said that he can look at plans and drawings, understand where the problem may have started and "speak the same language" as the consultants and contractors he deals with. The article also notes the recent additions of Terry Green and Michael Speranza to the firm's London location, which Katten CEO Noah Heller indicated is a part of the firm's growth strategy. ("Katten UK Adds to Real Estate Team Amid Building Boom," May 24, 2016)