Two Katten attorneys will participate in OSHA's Oil & Gas Safety and Health Conference 2018 on Tuesday, December 4 and Wednesday, December 5.

Greg Dillard, managing partner of the firm's Houston office, will speak on "Conducting Incident Investigations on Multi-Employer Work Sites." The presentation will discuss the challenges of remote work locations, a common operational issue for upstream oil and gas companies and the service companies that support them. Because emergency response is inherently infrequent and does not occur with any prior warning, remote work locations can exacerbate the difficulties of responding to a fatality or loss of containment. It will cover some of the actions that can be prepared for in advance, and others that companies will face as an incident evolves in a remote location such as employee interviews, evidence preservation and return to service.

Environmental and Workplace Safety partner Scott Elliott will present "The Importance of EHS Leadership in Delivering Strong EHS Performance," which will discuss the role of organizational and site leadership in fostering a healthy organizational culture and delivering strong environmental, health and safety (EHS) performance. It will consider the concept of organizational culture and identify the hallmarks of a strong EHS cultures and effective EHS leaders. The presentation also will discuss how government agencies continue to focus on organizational culture when investigating major safety and environmental incidents, and explain how prosecutors use organizational culture as a lens when evaluating whether to prosecute companies or individuals for alleged violations of federal environmental and safety laws.

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