Financial Services partner Guy Dempsey will participate in the panel discussion "Swap Execution Facilities (SEFs)" at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 9. The featured topics during this session will include:

  • what is a SEF and what swaps must trade on a SEF;
  • the Dodd-Frank statutory framework;
  • the CFTC regulatory framework;
  • how are swaps traded on SEFs;
  • RFQ 3 vs. order books;
  • package transactions and onboarding products for SEF trading;
  • key sections of a SEF rulebook;
  • methods of executions on a SEF;
  • made available to trade (MAT) determinations;
  • market participants and SEFs: identifying regulatory and compliance challenges; and
  • the block trade exemption.

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Global Financial Conference Center
360 Madison Avenue
17th Floor
New York, New York