Jan Tamulewicz, a partner in the Intellectual Property practice, spoke with Law360 regarding anticipated changes for foreign e-retailers in India. New Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to push for reforms that would allow US retailers such as Amazon.com to sell their own products in the country as early as July. Current regulations only allow foreign retailers to sell products from third parties. In a country where cybersquatting is common, such a policy change could result in roadblocks for companies that are eager to expand in India but have not yet acquired trademarks or country-specific URLs. Jan explained, "It's going to be really important now for companies to secure domain names such as a '.in' and other extensions available in India. Companies that have already secured the extensions related to India will be ahead of their competitors and will avoid domain name litigations." ("Relaxed Indian E-Retail Rules Would Spur Trademark Spats," June 6, 2014)