Steve Solow, co-head of the Environmental and Workplace Safety practice, was featured in Inside OSHA's coverage of the American Law Institute's seminar, "New Liability for Workplace Safety Violations: Raising the Environmental Stakes Under the MOU and Yates Memo" on December 14. The seminar addressed new risks companies face from a years-long federal push to improve cooperation between DOJ's environmental prosecutors and OSHA inspectors and use environmental enforcement authorities in cases to address workplace violations. Amid concerns that the incoming Trump administration may scale back enforcement, Steve noted that the federal push to strengthen workplace safety enforcement has been underway for more than a decade, suggesting it will not easily be rolled back. He stated, "Hundreds if not thousands of labor department inspectors have been trained" to spot potential violations of environmental statutes. "It's not something that can be turned on or off with the flick of a switch." The seminar also examined challenges with compliance obligations that companies face as a result of the changes announced in the Yates Memo. Steve noted that companies face criminal enforcement "that is far less clear," adding that such vague compliance directives put "tremendous pressure" on companies to take steps to demonstrate that they have taken adequate precautions. ("Attorneys Raise Concerns With DOJ's OSHA Enforcement Ahead Of Trump," December 14, 2016)