Steven Solow, co-head of Katten's Environmental and Workplace Safety practice, has been named an Energy & Environmental Trailblazer by The National Law Journal. Steve was recognized for his more than 25 years of legal work as a prosecutor, educator, private practitioner and writer at the epicenter of environmental enforcement law, policy and education. His devotion to advancing best practices led to his role in developing the first-ever American Bar Association Standards to guide prosecutors in investigations, a critical issue in environmental cases. The profile notes how his experience as a prosecutor and law professor has provided Steve with insights into how technology may influence the conduct of environmental investigations by the Environmental Protection Agency. At Katten, Steve put forward the argument, adopted for the first time in a Clean Water Act case, that "knowingly . . . tampering" requires proof of consciousness of wrongdoing; meaning that the government must prove some understanding by the defendant that what they did was wrongful conduct. The case ended with acquittal on all counts. ("Energy & Environmental—Trailblazers," May 2016)