Structured Finance and Securitization partner Claudine Chen-Young spoke with The Glass Hammer on the importance of mentoring women and diverse attorneys. The article notes that she recognized the affect her promotion to partner in a male-dominated financial practice had on younger associates and how that has motivated her to mentor and sponsor rising practitioners. Resiliency has been a factor in Claudine's success, as she's weathered financial industry highs and lows. "Very quickly I was able to provide different services that were broader in scope than what I'd been doing before, and that ability to adapt and reinvent myself was critical to my success." Part of her success stems from the hard work she put into making her clients feel like she is a part of their team, especially when it is an ever-changing field like finance. She added, "My advice to women looking to advance in traditionally tougher fields is to turn yourself into a strategic partner to your colleagues, your clients, and everyone you come in contact with professionally. But, above all, deliver high-level, solid, superior quality work."

Claudine values being an example for others and believes there is a lot to be gained from mentorship pairs that are not exactly the same. With respect to diversity, she stated, "I wanted the mentor who would take me under his or her wing and champion my development substantively and professionally, regardless of our other similarities." To her, it's about finding someone who can be your "champion." She is emphatic about encouraging women to speak up, adding, "It might seem safer to stay under the radar rather than taking a risk, but you elevate yourself by being proactive." ("Voice of Experience: Claudine A. Chen-Young, Partner, Katten," February 3, 2020)