Dallas Health Care partner Cheryl Camin Murray, who was recently honored as Katten's 2020 Working Mother of the Year, shares advice on how to balance work and family life in Working Mother magazine. As the mother of four-year-old triplets, Cheryl said the best way she has found to balance her time has been to create and follow a schedule that focuses on planning her personal time, in addition to her professional matters. 

Cheryl described dividing her time between meetings, taking care of important projects and personal priorities.

"For me, my calendar is my plan for most activities and action items throughout the day. From a work perspective, I calendar and regularly check the times for meetings with clients (to discuss health care transactions and regulatory compliance matters), as well as client development presentations, and calls to plan Katten events, including those sponsored by the Women's Leadership Forum. Reviewing each morning my schedule for the day helps me make sure my little ones are quiet at certain times, since we're all at home together," Cheryl said.

She also emphasized the importance of scheduling on her calendar "white space" for time to work on legal matters (outside of video and telephone conferences), as well as calendaring deadlines, personal activities and her children's action items and appointments.

"I've found a schedule to be very useful in my personal life too. I'll even reserve on my calendar time for Peloton workouts, virtual happy hours, and family time, whether it's pizza and game night, an after-work date at home, or FaceTime calls with my extended family. If it's on the calendar, then it holds me accountable, and I'll do it," Cheryl said.

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