Advertising, Marketing and Promotions partner and chair Christopher Cole will speak on "Class Action Boot Camp: A Comprehensive Guide to Ensuring Class Action Preparedness and Devising Tactical Litigation Strategies" at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 29. The session will cover the continuing trend of dietary supplement class actions, with topics including:

  • Designing thorough internal class action preparedness protocols
  • Understanding how offensive strategies such as sound advertising claims substantiation practices can be your best defense and nip a class action in the bud
  • Tracking government and consumer protection group enforcement activity on which the plaintiff's bar might try to piggy-back
  • Predicting when you may be a class action target
  • Developing pre-suit defense strategies
  • Implementing best practices for navigating pre-suit demand letters and complaints
  • Considerations for budgeting and forecasting of litigation costs
  • Comprehending how to allocate contractual liability in view of class actions
  • Understanding when and how to enlist outside counsel
    • Understanding how to make the “fish or cut bait” decision
    • Which actions are worth fighting and which should be settled right away?
    • Grasping what types of cases settle, which don't, and how much should be paid

Learn more about the 11th Legal, Regulatory & Compliance Forum on Dietary Supplements.

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