Insurance and Health Care Fraud Litigation partner and department chair Ross Silverman will participate in the “Research Results Unveiled: 2021 Globalization of Insurance Fraud Study” session at 10:00 a.m. (ET) on Monday, November 15. The session will kick off the Global Summit, with the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud unveiling results from the 2021 Globalization of Insurance Fraud Study, the most extensive study done to date on global insurance fraud, conducted earlier this year in partnership with IBM/Luxoft. The study contains first-of-its-kind qualitative research on multiple global fraud issues, including which types of fraud are most prevalent by region, what steps companies are taking to identify and fight global fraud, and the challenges we face ahead. Panelists will break down the findings and identify key takeaways and solutions to combat the constant challenges facing insurance professionals, government agencies, and consumers around the globe.

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