The North American airline market will change faster than any region. If two major airlines merge, it is likely that all the majors will join together. Open skies between the US and Europe will offer new opportunities and threats for all transatlantic carriers. Airfinance Journal’s 28th Annual New York Airfinance Conference will examine these trends and how they will affect all airlines. The conference will give attendees the opportunity to ensure success in this competitive and complex market and will provide answers to many crucial questions.

Partner and Aviation Practice Chair, Timothy Lynes is a panelist in the program, "Breaking down barriers to Global Capital Investment and Ownership." Topics include the evolving actual control test in the US after Virgin America, liberalization in the wake of the EU-US Air Transport Agreement, and cross border equity investments after Lufthansa/JetBlue. Mr. Lynes will be joined by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Aviation, John Byerly, as well as Andrew Steinberg, former Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs.