Partner Timothy Lynes will chair the first day of the conference, and will moderate a panel on terms and conditions of the bank market and outlook for 2010-2011 on Monday, April 26. Partner Nancy Rich will speak on "Carbon Emissions Trading: What to Expect in the Next 5 to 10 Years" on April 26.

Topics that will be covered in Mr. Lynes' panel include:

  • Will we see possible market improvement in terms of financing abilities in 2010 or will 2010 see major cracks in the foundations become exposed?
  • Future of PDP financing
  • Examining the metamorphosis of the four primary aircraft finance markets: commercial bank debt, lessors, ECAs, and capital markets

Topics that will be covered in Ms. Rich's presentation include:

  • How does the newly issued US EPA report change the environmental policy debate in the US?
  • What would CO2 emission regulatory action mean for the US aviation industry and more particularly for airlines and manufacturers?
  • Allocation of allowances
  • Reporting and monitoring annual emissions
  • How to make the most of new environmental technologies without compromising performance and economics?
  • How to reduce your carbon emissions through efficient air traffic management, operations and infrastructure?
  • Direct and indirect returns from environmental project investments
  • How fast are voluntary initiatives likely to become official regulations?
  • Next steps

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