Partners W. Kenneth Davis Jr. and Wells Hutchison will speak at a Pre-Conference on “Managed Care Contracting and Negotiation” at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, June 7. They will present this program with Fred Gaschen and Michael Lowe.

The Pre-Conference will focus on the legal review of an actual managed care contract. Significant emphasis will be placed on the types of issues that radiology group practices, diagnostic imaging facilities, hospitals, IDTFs, physicians and other radiology providers and billing companies face when dealing with managed care companies, and in particular during managed care contract negotiation, preparation and review.

The program will address the legal and contractual issues implicated by departicipation with payors; whom to bill; the attacks on balance billing (the recent California case); the implications under the radiology group's exclusive provider agreement; and other professional service relationships. Participants will also see how payors are trying to persuade courts that they are only required to pay "reasonable fees."