In this issue of CFWD we discuss:

  • Delaware Chancery Court Clarifies Fiduciary Duties of LLC Managers and their Controlling Affiliates
  • District Court Reserves Issue of Whether PSLRA Bars Plaintiff’s RICO Claims
  • District Court Grants Summary Judgment for Failure to Show Loss Causation
  • FINRA Proposes Rule Governing Personal Securities Transactions of Associated Persons
  • CBOE Clarifies Eligible Expiration Date and Exercise Settlement Value for
    FLEX Options
  • CalPERS Issues Hedge Fund “Governance” Memorandum
  • SEC Proceedings in Connection With Recommendations to Invest in Bayou
  • Senate Mortgage Fraud Bill Amended to Include Proposal for Creation of Financial Markets Commission
  • Eighth Circuit Weighs in on Proper Standard of Review Regarding Excessive Fund Advisory Fees
  • Banking Agencies Propose Clarifications to Credit Card Rules
  • Treasury Clarifies Executive Compensation Treatment of Legacy
    Securities PPIFs
  • Oversight Authorities Raise Concerns on TARP, TALF and PPIP
  • FRBNY Posts Updates to TALF Program Terms and Documents
  • European Parliament and European Council Approve New Regulation on Credit Rating Agencies