In this issue of CFWD we discuss:

  • NYSE Temporarily Lowers Certain Compliance Standards for Continued Listing
  • Court Orders All Profits of Ponzi Scheme Disgorged
  • No Rescission of Investment Contract Absent Finding of Fraud
  • Interim Pilot Program on Margin Requirements for Transactions in Credit
    Default Swap
  • FINRA Unveils Changes to Proposed Rule Regarding Rumors
  • CFTC Chairman Recommends Enhanced Oversight of OTC Derivatives
  • Proposed Energy Act Has Implications for OTC Derivatives
  • Lehman Requests Bar Date for Creditor Claims
  • FDIC Tightens and Clarifies Interest Rate Restrictions on Institutions That Are Less Than Well Capitalized
  • Federal Reserve Outlines TARP Repayment Criteria
  • FDIC Statement on Status of Legacy Loans Program
  • June Investors Request $11.4 Billion of TALF Loans for Assets Including Servicing Advance and Premium Finance ABS
  • President of New York Federal Reserve Bank Delivers Remarks on TALF
  • Federal Trade Commission Grants Final Approval for Whole Foods Deal
  • FSA Proposes Extension of Disclosure Requirements for UK Financial Sector Net Short Positions