Partners Martin Cornish and Lance Zinman will speak as panelists at a webinar on "Trading Strategies, Technology and Regulatory Challenges for the HFT Community" at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, April 29. The panel will explore the challenges and opportunities facing the high frequency trading community.

Topics that will be discussed include:

  • Have HFT firms really brought greater liquidity and efficiency to the markets?
  • Where does "competitive advantage" end and "unfair" begin?
  • What are the challenges of real-time risk management in the ultra high frequency world?
  • Where are the opportunities for HFT traders?
  • What are the costs of maintaining competitive advantage in the HFT arena?
  • What regulatory changes should firms prepare for in the United States and Europe?
  • Getting the infrastructure right. Co-location and low latency feeds.