Doron Goldstein, co-head of the Privacy, Data and Cybersecurity practice, and Karl Heisler, co-chair of the Electronic Discovery and Information Governance practice, will participate in a panel discussion titled "A Lawyer's Guide to Cyber-Regulatory Enforcement and Response" on Wednesday, December 7 at 11:45 a.m. Panelists will discuss the current regulatory environment for cybersecurity and how legal professionals can help their information technology teams implement appropriate policies and procedures to respond to practical and regulatory challenges. Key issues to be addressed will include:

  • current and prospective cyber-regulatory enforcement risks;
  • a survey of some of the more prescriptive "top-down" cyber-regulatory approaches;
  • the viability of alternative approaches, such as the "General Duty Clause" in environmental and workplace safety law;
  • cyber-liability and cyber-crime insurance options to manage risk and their inherent limitations; and
  • the challenges of understanding and developing appropriate incident response plans.