In this issue of CFWD we discuss:

- SEC May Consider Corporate Use of Blogs
- Big Four Call for Company Accounts Rethink
- OTS Introduces Enhanced NPV Model for Monitoring
  Interest Rate Risk
- SEC Approves Regulation NMS Exemption for Certain
  Sub-Penny Trade-Throughs
- SEC Approves Amendment to Research Report Rules
- FinCEN Proposes Lowering Levels for Recording Money
- The Companies Act 2006 Completes its Passage through
- FSA Reviews its Approach to the Private Equity Market
- Fraud Act 2006 Passed
- Antitrust Claims Dismissed for Lack of Standing and
  Failure to Plead Concerted Action
- Dismissal Granted Where Plaintiffs Failed to Adequately
  Plead Misrepresentation Claims
- CFTC Requests NFA to Refrain from Granting FCM Registration
  to Firms Domiciled in Certain Jurisdictions
- CFTC Confirms that IB Registration Not Required for
  Order-Routing Software