In this issue of CFWD we discuss:

- New Rule Removes References to Filer’s IRS ID
  Numbers in Certain SEC Filings 
- Phlx Proposes Standardized Bid/Ask Differential
  and Split-Price Rules
- Amex Proposes to Loosen Restrictions on Entering
  Limit Orders on Both Sides of Market
- FRB Lowers Discount Rate and Extends Term of Financing
  to 30 Days
- Consumer Illustrations Complementing Subprime Guidance
- SEC May Bring Control Person Liability Claim Without
  Joining Primary Violator
- Securities Claim Dismissed Because Omissions Were Neither
  Manipulative Nor Deceptive
- Amendments to Certain Procedural Rules Applicable to
  Registered Entities and ECMs Proposed
- NFA to Require Annual Registration Update
- CFTC Proposes to Extend the Period for Filing Termination