In this issue of CFWD we discuss:

  • SEC Committee Issues Draft Report Recommending Accounting Reforms
  • Wrongful Conduct of Fund’s Investment Managers Barred Recovery By Liquidators
  • Question of Fact Regarding Whether LLC Interest Was a “Security” Prevented
    Summary Judgment
  • FINRA Expands Fair Prices and Commissions Rule
  • FINRA Issues Further Guidance on Auction Rate Securities Practices
  • FINRA Issues Investor Alert on Weathering Tough Financial Times
  • FINRA Proposes Interim Rules Changes to Streamline Duplicative NYSE/NASD Rules
  • AMEX Proposes Listing Standards for Closed-End Fund of Hedge Funds
  • Cash Solicitation Fee Rule Does Not Apply to Solicitations for Hedge Funds and
    Other Investment Pools
  • FDIC Releases Final Policy Statement on Covered Bonds
  • ASF Launches Project RESTART
  • Federal Reserve Releases Final Rule on Subprime and Other Loans
  • Federal Reserve Bank of New York Given Authority to Lend to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  • UK Government Opposes Greater Role for EU Supervisory Committees
  • CESR Consults on Fair Value Measurement and Related Disclosures
  • European Commission Publishes UCITS IV Proposals