About Daphne Pendleton

Daphne Pendleton is Katten's Chief Administrative Officer. She works directly with the COO, Executive Committee and Board of Directors to implement the firm’s strategic plan globally. She also leads office administrators across the firm, aligning all operational department goals and input. In addition, she oversees administrative functions in all branches, including administrative and paralegal services, facilities and operations.

Over the past two decades Daphne has managed the office administration of four major law firms. In previous roles, she was responsible for space, event and budget management, contract negotiations, litigation support, recruitment and staff development. Her efforts contributed significantly to the successful growth of these organizations through numerous mergers and acquisitions. Today she continues to provide innovative solutions to business challenges. Daphne's innate ability to motivate staff through a process of communication and collaboration allows members of the Business Professional Team to contribute to and share in our firm's success.

Daphne is an active member in both Capital and National Chapters of the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA).

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* Not a practicing attorney