Article examines UK employment law trends, particularly challenges involving working patterns, family-friendly rights, work-life balance, mental health and other "back to work" initiatives. In recent months, a lot of data has been released regarding the 2.5 million economically inactive people in the UK who have not been able to work in at least the last four weeks and will not be able to look for work for at least the next two. According to a report published by the Office for National Statistics in July, nearly two-fifths of those not working reported five or more health conditions. The most prevalent health condition, although not the main reason for most people's absence, was depression and anxiety. These trends require employers to consider the importance of having a good workplace culture and the impact of this on employee mental wellbeing and health.

"Employers Can Expect More Emphasis On Work Culture Regs," Law360, October 10, 2023

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