About Evan J. Balmer

Evan Balmer works across departments with corporate clients to ensure business objectives are properly expressed in commercial contracts. His practical problem-solving approach is increasingly valuable for disruptive innovators whose outside-the-box thinking outpace standard contracts or increasingly outdated regulations.

A passionate and creative advocate for each client's vision

Evan's prior experience as an artist manager for award-winning clients around the globe helps him bring a 360-degree approach to coordinating all assets at a corporate client's disposal to achieve desired results. His mix of private practice and in-house corporate counsel experience in a variety of industries allows him to thrive as an invaluable translator and connector between legal and business teams. Evan's blend of artist management and startup counsel experience has engrained an “all hands on deck” and “whatever it takes” attitude in him. He firmly believes that the proper question is never whether something can be accomplished, but rather how it can be accomplished.