About Kyle M. Jones

Kyle Michael Jones is a business-oriented litigator helping clients root out fraud, waste and abuse impacting their organizations, particularly in all phases of the insurance industry. His experience managing complex fraud litigation as a former prosecutor and defense counsel gives him unique insight on the best strategies to combat complex insurance fraud.

Careful planning amplifies zealous advocacy

Kyle has a rare blend of experience investigating, prosecuting and defending allegations of complex financial frauds. This experience allows Kyle to collaborate seamlessly with diverse stakeholders — including special investigation units (SIUs), health care experts, finance and accounting experts, in-house counsel and government enforcement attorneys — to deliver bottom-line results for corporate clients. While the most cost-effective results often stem from early counsel on identifying and preventing fraud, waste and abuse, zealous litigation remains necessary to ensure corporate victims of fraud are justly compensated. Kyle has extensive experience in all phases of complex fraud investigation and litigation, including forensic collections of electronic data, data analytics and e-discovery, civil discovery in state and federal courts, and dispositive motions.